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Serving Connecticut since 1923.

Chase Glass Company, Inc., prides itself on serving Connecticut for three generations. We established ourselves as one of the leading glass companies in the area. Whether you are looking to install new glass or repair existing, we can help you. We furnish all types of glass including, but not limited to, laminated, tempered, wire, insulated, tinted, reflective and security glass. We also specialize in custom glass work.


Install, Repair or Replace

  • Aluminum Storefronts
  • Glass Replacement for every purpose, (NO Auto Glass)
  • Aluminum Patio Door Glass Replacement
  • Aluminum Door Hardware
    • Door Closures
    • Hinges
    • Push/Pulls
    • Thresholds
    • Locks
    • Panic Hardware


  • Frameless Glass Doors
  • Glass Walls
  • Glass Railings
  • Transaction Windows
  • Receptionist Windows
  • Aluminum Windows
  • Hardware for Aluminum Windows
  • Hardware for Glass Doors
  • Caulking



73-75 James Street, East Hartford, CT 06108


p: 860.568.1600  f: 860.528.1400

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